Friday, June 21, 2013

Update, New Blog Location, and "I Wonder..."

It's been awhile since I have updated this blog. But that doesn't mean I haven't been writing. I have been busy with my master's degree in Family Life Education so I've been doing alot of writing for that. I graduate in December, 2013 so YAY!!

I have also been blogging somewhat regularly on my other blog for Parenting Children with Health Issues at Visit me over there.

Here is a little something I just wrote and posted on Facebook. I received many responses from others who feel the same way at times. It's so hard because I try to be positive and grateful for all of the many good things that we have. And I am VERY grateful for our kids' relatively good health and so much more that I have to be thankful for. There are certainly others in many walks of life that are suffering and have it so much worse. I recognize this. And yet, it is so human, and so healthy, so allow ourselves the space to grieve at times. The key is to accept it and move through it, not ignoring the feelings nor getting stuck there. Not that I do either perfectly by any means but I am getting better at this with practice. ;-) Thank you to all who responded with words of understanding and encouragement. Here's my post:

Just returning from the year end slide show, I wrote this (below). Many of you can relate to this, I know, as you also have kids with CF (or other medical conditions). I am sort of in a blue mood today. One of those days where I'd rather stay home with a blankie over my head. Big transitions like this sometimes bum me out. My daughter is going into Jr Hi and my son into High School. I am so very happy for them and proud. Yet there is a part of me that is afraid. I think I am grieving that they have CF today.

I Wonder...

As I sit and watch the school slideshow, I see all the happy, smiling faces of children ready for summer and excited to move on to the next school year. I see their proud, beaming parents with cameras aimed and ready. And I can't help but wonder:

What must it be like to not have to fight for each breath your child takes?
What must it be like to not spend hours a day on medical treatments just to stay alive?
What must it be like to not have to take thirty plus pills every day?
What must it be like to not worry about every cold that comes along and if it will land your child in the hospital?
What must it be like to dream about what the future holds and not wonder whether or not your child has a future?

As grateful as I am for the many blessings we have and the hope of a cure that is so near, I can't help but wonder....

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